You have a few options to send offers to your sellers. 

1. The easiest way is to forward the email notifications you receive from us. These will have all of the terms of the offer and include all attached documents. This is best for sending individual offers and when you want to also send the contract. 

2. When viewing your list of offers, you will see an orange button called Create Offer Report (see image below). This will will allow you to export all your offers received into a spreadsheet (csv) file. You can save this and send to your seller. This is great for comparing multiple offers. 

3. In that same Create Offer report area, you can click print and then instead of printing, select save as PDF. Then you can send the PDF file to your seller. Again, great for comparing multiple offers.

4.  You also have an "Additional notification email" option (see image below). If you put your seller's email address in there, they will also receive ALL email notifications you receive from buyer agents on this listing. So they would receive notifications for all new offers, but also for any other messages sent by buyers agents. *If you don't want your seller to receive all correspondence from buyer agents on this listings, we suggest using one of the other methods above.