In some markets you will have the ability to import your listings from the MLS. If you have this ability, you will see your MLS listed on the Settings page, under the Add MLS Connection section, in the dropdown menu. If you do not see this section, we do not currently receive a feed from your MLS. But don't worry you can still add a listing by clicking the Add Listing button on the Listings page.

If you have already set up your MLS connection under Settings, you will have an Import from MLS button on your listings page. When you click this button you will be able to select your MLS and then see all available listings to be imported. You can import them one at a time.

Each time you import a new listing you will be taken to the listings information page where you can add any contacts, add an offer instruction template if need be, view/edit any of the property information that was imported and view/copy the offer link for that property.

*You will want to paste the offer link displayed into your MLS and instruct buyers agents to follow that link to submit an offer on that property. Depending on your MLS and what is customary in your market, agents usually paste the offer link under Remarks, Agent to Agent Remarks or Broker Remarks.

**In some markets, depending on the agreement we have with your MLS, your listings may be automatically imported for you at scheduled intervals throughout the day. To check specific functionality of your MLS visit: If your MLS is not listed, we don't receive a listing feed from your MLS, but you can still add your listings manually by clicking the Add Listing button under Listings in your account.

***In some MLSs where we have a deeper integration, you may be able to enable our service in your add/edit settings for individual listings and have the offer link automatically embedded on your MLS sheet.